The Board of Directors of the CATSJ consists of 16 Directors including one President, two Vice Presidents, and one Executive Director. There are 12 standing committees to accomplish major tasks in the objectives of the CATSJ as follows:

  • Editorial Committee
  • CATSJ Meeting Committee
  • Education Committee
  • International Exchange Committee
  • Publication Committee
  • Basic Activity Committee
  • Science and Technology Committee
  • Steering Committee
  • Award Nomination Committee
  • Award Selection Committee
  • Financial Committee
  • Public Relations Committee

Editorial Committee

CATSJ publishes “Shokubai (Catalysts & Catalysis)”, a Japanese scientific journal, from 1959. Now 6 issues are published every one year, and 400 issues in all have been published. From 2008, all issues are available online, 触媒OnTheWeb.

(web in Japanese)

CATSJ Meeting Committee

Held twice a year, in spring and fall. Participants steadily increasing.

It consists of Oral-A, oral-B, and poster-A sessions, as well as plenary & invited lectures. In addition, Special symposia include invited lectures which are themed cutting-edge topics in catalysis.

Remarkably, Oral-B sessions provide opportunities of in-depth discussions.

(web in Japanese)

Publication Committee

CATSJ published yearbook, and introductory books.

(web in Japanese)