Message from President

Message from President

June 1, 2020

Prof. Tsunehiro TANAKA
(Kyoto University)

Resumption and renovation of the daily life finally started after spread of COVID-19 infection passed the peak. I guess that one is always paying close attention to avoiding another spread of infection; nevertheless, some of the feeling of the former life may be restored.

I feel honored to have been appointed as the president of Catalysis Society of Japan (CATSJ). I will do my utmost best to manage and activate the CATSJ with the cooperation of directors based on opinions of the CATSJ members.

In future world, the setup and structure of the human society, lifestyle, and interaction of people will be changed because of COVID-19.
Reinforcement of information transmission capacity is required more and more for the Society. So far, CATSJ has offered the outcomes and products of CATSJ meetings, division meetings, lecture meetings, various committee conferences, etc., in which information exchange and people interaction among industry and academia has been promoted. In future, not only one way-communication but also interactive communication to/from many directions are required. That is, CATSJ should work as an information hub connecting people materially and/or electronically and mediate the interaction of people, immediate information exchange and collaborations as a ‘catalyst’. In order to do that, enhancement of ICT is significantly important, thereby dispatching information to the CATSJ members as well as to the public and school students as enlightenment campaigns. This policy will develop the legacy of the former president.
I wish to state the CATSJ meeting of this fall. The board of directors of preceding fiscal year discussed how to hold the CATSJ fall meeting which may be affected by COVID-19 and decided to start up web-meeting working group (WG) in hast in the middle of last April for the design of the fall meeting. During Golden Week, spring vacation in Japan, the web-meeting WG together with the organizing committee and the local executing committee discussed and considered on-line how the fall meeting will be held. Finally it was concluded that 126th CATSJ meeting at Hamamatsu will be held on the campus of Shizuoka University in the sparse condition and also held applying on-line presentation simultaneously in order to provide the presence for as many participants as possible. This quite new trial is not only to guarantee the safety avoiding infections but also to change the style of conventional meetings and to enrich the contents being dispatched from CATSJ as well.

The following is on the human development of next generation. Without growth of next generation, future CATSJ will collapse. Encouragement of positive participation of young members in activities by CATSJ and taking ideas and opinions from them is undoubtedly important.
So far, CATSJ has supported the activities by the junior society mainly consisting of student members and hereafter, of course, the support must be lasting. On the other hand, quite important is to promote society activities by and interaction of people of 30s and 40s in industry and academia who will lead and run CATSJ 10 to 20 years later. I wish to afford the situation where they can show and appeal their capability.

ICC (International Congress on Catalysis) at San Diego is very likely to be postponed. However, we strongly hope to be a host of 18th ICC in 2024. We strengthen its campaign and prepare thoroughly for its success.

The advantage of CATSJ is there lie tremendous and various studies and R&D’s from the fundamentals to the application expanding the boundaries beyond the fields. We would like to share the advantage with all the members of CATSJ. Taking ideas and opinions from our members, let’s evolve our CATSJ together.