Message from President

A Message from CatSJ President to all friends in the world. 

May 20, 2021

Prof. Kiyotaka ASAKURA
(Hokkaido University)

 On the occasion when I have been appointed as the President of Catalysis Society of Japan(CatSJI) in 2021-2022, I would like to deliver my message.   Catalyst research is important to attain the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).  CatSJ wants to and has to contribute to this mission in the world wide collaborations.
 In addition to our three long-term important perspectives of fostering young people, international collaborations and industry-government-academia interaction, I would like to facilitate the transformation of the CatSJ in response to the middle of the 21th century when the so-called digitization is wide spread and normal.  Last year we had a COVID-19 Pandemic.  We had annual and academic meetings online by the digital techniques.  Of course, we restart face-to-face meetings and conferences as soon as possible.  Face-to-face meetings and conferences have merits.  For younger people it must be important to get together to have a face-to-face meeting and to discuss mutual interests endlessly and enthusiastically.  At the same time, the face-to-face meetings and conferences can be empowered by the digital and network techniques.  These digital techniques will be beneficial to all those who cannot attend the meetings due to the distance, time and money problems.  The on-line delivery service has solved these problems.  I shall launch the discussion how to mix the face-to-face and online meetings to optimize both merits and demerits.  The digitalization accelerates the accumulation of our knowledge about catalysts.  We can record the meetings and other CatSJ activities.  The point is how to utilize the accumulated knowledge efficiently.  They are regarded as intellectual properties that are beneficial to CatSJ members and to whole society. On the other hand, the intellectual properties can be financial resources and stabilize the management of CatSJ.  Thus, we have to consider the good balance and how to utilize the intellectual properties effectively as well as not to infringe the copyright of the others. 
 Globalization and diversity will be the other trends in the middle of 21st century.  CatSJ should be more open to the outside world.  The English homepage is one portal site to CatSJ.  We have renewed it but we must establish the quick update method of the information in English site synchronized with the corresponding Japanese site.  It is good for all who are interested in CatSJ.   The other thing is to consider the gender balance in the executive committee.  We should have more female executive committee members in CatSJ to increase the diversity of our CatSJ. 
 Synchrotron radiation (SR) is a powerful tool to characterize the catalysts.  In 2024 we Japanese are planning to construct a new high brilliance X-ray SR facility in Sendai and then SPring-8 will be renovated.  I will start a new working group to discuss the new applications and to propose beamlines suitable for new catalysts research.  The SRs and the beam lines will be open to the world-wide catalyst researchers and groups. I welcome your inputs. 
 Finally, we are now ready to be a host for ICC in 2028.  We are steadily preparing all necessary activities for this ICC2028 in Japan.  I hope we all meet in person in Kyoto in 2028.  
Thank you for your kind attention.

Kiyotaka Asakura
A President of CatSJ